Stone Coated Metal Roofing

Stone coated steel roofs are ideal for homeowners who want the durability of steel roofing but like the look of asphalt shingle. It is lightweight, strong and easily installed. There's no need for battens with steel roofing, and the metal shingles lock together.

WARRANTY — Every roof is backed with a 50-year limited warranty that has unlimited transferability to subsequent owners 


  • Durable & Built to Last

  • Safe & Secure Protection from Natural Disasters

  • Lightweight

  • Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient

  • High Resale Value

Though the initial cost of installing a Stone Coated metal roof may be more than some other available roofing materials, consider that the average homeowner replaces and repairs their roof more than 3 times in a lifetime! By choosing a Stone Coated metal roof the first time, you will not only save a lot of money in future repair / replacement costs, reduced insurance premiums in most states, and likely reduction in utility bills, but you will also enjoy a higher property resale value - much higher, as your roof replacement cost is usually one of the biggest negotiation points of a home sale.


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ADDRESS: 1426 Beech Tree Dr

Green Bay, WI 54304